In this 150th PsychSessions episode, Eric interviews Wayne Weiten from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV. Wayne reveals that he retired from teaching in December 2021, although he still plans to be a very active textbook author. He shares his professional background and the very different institutions he served over his career, including UNLV where he truly enjoyed teaching graduate students how to teach psychology. We discover that Wayne has a ‘go it alone’ perspective throughout much of his education and career, and he clearly thrives. He tells his story of his early/young college teaching start, the substantial influence of MACTOP, his interest in introductory psychology and the corresponding research program, and more. Self-confidence helped Wayne write two very successful textbooks, and that success eventually has meaningful benefits for the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP). Wayne’s deep knowledge of introductory psychology trends and the history of textbooks in this realm continues to be impressive to this day, and it’s clear in Wayne’s stories that he’s deeply appreciative of those around him who have both collaborated and facilitated his success.

Published On: August 2nd, 2022 / Categories: Conversations About Teaching N' Stuff /