In this episode Garth interviewed Carolyn Brown Kramer from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Lincoln, NE. As we discover, Carolyn is deeply Lincoln loyal, born and raised, and in part educated there. She passionately describes the area, including the silicon prairie, runza, the two-body problem, and her academic position titled associate professor of practice. For six years, introductory psychology has been her stage (literally), but Carolyn describes that she’s ready for a change, which could be a temporary change in the rotation and/or a sabbatical. Part of her service involves organizing a departmental teaching brown bag series, and she shares a recent dialog about compassion fatigue amongst faculty in the midst of the pandemic. She leverages her love and knowledge of the area for the benefit of her students, and the greater teaching of psychology world also benefits from her energy and expertise.

Published On: March 28th, 2022 / Categories: Conversations About Teaching N' Stuff /